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When a group of South Fork outfitters and concerned citizens approached HFF to expand the science-based collaborative approach to the South Fork, HFF launched the South Fork Initiative (SFI) program. The South Fork Initiative provides HFF the opportunity to influence broad-scale water management for the benefit of the Henry’s Fork and the South Fork, as the two watersheds are highly interconnected. Current projects on the South Fork of the Snake River include: Macroinvertebrate and Water Quality Monitoring, Restoration and Access, and Outreach and Education.


For an annual donation of $2,500 or more, you become a member of HFF's Green Drake Society. To make an online tax-deductible contribution, complete the form below. You can also learn more about giving assets, stocks or securities or making a memorial donation. You will have the option to designate your donation to a specific program.

For instructions on how to make a donation via Venmo, click here.

Membership and Donation Information


Individual Membership


Family or Business


River Keeper




Henry's Fork


River Steward


Green Drake Society 

Receive a G Loomis Asquith fly rod OR a Hatch Iconic Reel PLUS Green Drake Membership for one year


Life Membership

Receive a G Loomis Asquith fly rod, Hatch Iconic Reel, and Green Drake Membership for one year. Plus, receive a Life Member Hat and Pin and never pay dues again!

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