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"The ability for a group of people to do remarkable things hinges on how well those people can pull together."  - Simon Sinek

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At the Henry's Fork Foundation, as a 501c3 non-profit, everything we accomplish is thanks to our members. Your support, through donations and by attending events, volunteering, and spreading the word about the work we do, makes our work possible.


Our members hail from all 50 states and a number of foreign countries. Almost one third call Idaho home and nearly 100% consider "Henry's Fork Country" a home-away-from-home. Their favorite waters span the entire Henry's Fork Watershed, from Henrys Lake and the Henry's Fork to the South Fork and Teton Rivers. Whether they became a member because they fish here or just enjoy the camaraderie of the HFF Community, one thing we have in common is a love for the waters of eastern Idaho, and a belief that they deserve to be protected for generations to come.

Please help us continue our crucial work by getting involved. Join the HFF Community today and learn more about our programs, stay in the loop with the latest river conditions, join us on a hosted trip, or attend one of our events, locally or across the country.

Get Your Free 6 Month Membership Today

and Receive a Free Car Decal and River Access Map!

Want to learn more? Email or visit us at the HFF Community Campus -- 801 Main Street in Ashton, Idaho.

Interested in volunteering?  Click here to submit your information. 

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