Melanie Crawford


Colgate University

I am a rising senior at Colgate University where I am majoring in Environmental Economics. This summer I will be the Conservation and Recreational Use Intern working alongside Matt Hively and assisting with stakeholder coordination. I became interested in the program after taking multiple classes that have taught me about fisheries and nonprofits. Conservation is a key part of achieving a more sustainable world and I am looking forward to participating in that effort. I am excited to work with the team and other interns at Henry's Fork Foundation. In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors and exploring my surroundings wherever I may be!

Andrea Holt


Oregon State University

I am a senior at Oregon State University majoring in Geography and Geospatial Science with an emphasis on freshwater resources. My interests are in GIS and sustainability. This summer, I will be working remotely with Dr. Rob Van Kirk as the Agriculture and Irrigation Intern. My project will be focused on using aerial photographs and other imagery to investigate conversion of cropland from flood to sprinkler irrigation. This will help HFF to determine what parcels have been converted and roughly when, which of those may be suitable for restoration of flood irrigation, and what parcels remain in flood irrigation, and in turn develop irrigation prescriptions for individual pieces of cropland. In my free time, I volunteer for a non-profit, travel, and spend time with my 2 greyhounds. I am very excited for this internship and to hone my research skills and learn more about cropping and irrigation. 

AJ Mabaka


Washington and Lee University

I am a rising senior at Washington and Lee University where I am majoring in Environmental Studies. I will be working alongside PhD candidate Jack McLaren, researching potential water quality parameters that may be impacting Kokanee Salmon recruitment in the Island Park Reservoir. I can’t wait to be out on the IP reservoir as much as possible as I’ve always had an interest in marine ecology, conservation, and particularly fish as I truly enjoy the outdoors and recreational activities such as fishing, crabbing, clamming, kayaking, etc. Thus, the position I am fortunate enough to have been granted at the Henry's Fork Foundation will be a phenomenal opportunity to participate in meaningful, informative, and unique research on trout fisheries (as well as learning how to fly fish)! Although this internship opportunity had to transition to online/remote for 2020, I am extremely excited, grateful, and looking forward to being at HFF in person for the first time this summer!

Erik Sauer


St. Lawrence University - University of Minnesota

I am a recent graduate of St. Lawrence University where I majored in environmental studies and am enrolled in a Master’s in Geographic Information Systems at the University of Minnesota, beginning this fall. I will be the Geospatial Groundwater and Stream Temperature Intern this summer in which capacity I will be working with PhD candidate Christina Morrisett on her research into how streamflow and aquifer exchange affect aquatic habitat in the lower Henry’s Fork. As an intern at Henry’s Fork, I will be able to pursue my interests in conservation, hydrology, and mapping while learning the research applications of GIS software and statistics. In my spare time, I enjoy biking, writing, and playing piano. I am incredibly thankful for this opportunity and look forward to working with the Henry’s Fork Foundation.

Sydney Schmitter


Stanford University

I am a rising junior at Stanford University majoring in Earth Systems with a concentration in Land Systems. I am interested in studying the intersection of marine and land systems through a socio-ecological lens, and I hope to eventually enter the non-profit world. I am so excited work with my mentor, Kamberlee Allison, this year in commissioning new exhibits for the Interpretive Center and quantifying visitor experience! In my free time, you can find me gardening, playing tennis, and enjoying the outdoors. I am so grateful for this opportunity to work with the Henry’s Fork Foundation this summer!

Ethan Taylor



I grew up in Rigby, Idaho for the bulk of my life. While going to high school I was very active and participated in soccer and track. I am currently attending BYU-Idaho as a chemistry major. I am planning to get a master's degree in chemical engineering or attend pharmacy school. I have experience with HFF and have worked with them on the South Fork Initiative previously. Working with my mentor, Bryce Oldemeyer, I will be involved with the multi-year, multi-agency effort of restoring the lower four miles of Rainey Creek. I'll be conducting pre-restoration habitat monitoring, collaborating with state and federal partners during the implementation of the restoration projects, and disseminating info. I enjoy the outdoors, fishing, sports and being active.