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2024 Fishing Season Predictions: Snapshot

Photo credit: Devan Ence

☀️It’s likely this upcoming spring/summer will look a lot like 2018 and 2019.


↗️ Outflow from Island Park Dam is expected to increase to 1,200 cfs in mid-May to accommodate runoff.

↘️ Then will likely decrease to ~900 cfs by mid-June and 770 cfs on July 1 to keep the reservoir full by passing inflow until draft is needed for irrigation.

🚜 We expect draft will start July 5, three days earlier than last year and almost a week later than average. 

🌊Mid-July flows will likely be ~1,250 cfs (close to average). BUT in the most extreme case, outflow could reach 1,750 cfs for a week or two in July. 

↘️ Dam outflow will likely gradually decrease from late July through the end of September—eventually reaching ~500 cfs. 


🕶️Turbidity below the dam (how clear/cloudy the water is) is likely to be 3.8 NTU (near average). For context, the fishing experience seems to be effected above 5 NTU.

🌡️Outflow temperature is likely to average ~60*F (lower than average). It is unlikely temperatures will be as warm as they were in 2021 + 2022.


REMEMBER: these are the most likely outcomes, but significant spring and early summer weather conditions (hot + dry vs cool + wet) can alter what happens.

For more detailed information, click here.

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