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Adventure begins in Ashton

Ashton really has it all in terms of small-town retail and recreation; Shoppe on Main, Dave’s Jubilee, and Frostop have quickly become favorites for me to frequent. The location of the community, however, cannot be beat. With many renowned destinations well-within driving range, the Foundation’s locale has facilitated a lot of post-workday and weekend exploring. This blog will be delving into just a few of the things there are to see and experience while in the region.

Less than an hour away is Teton Valley, composed of the Idaho cities Tetonia, Driggs, and Victor. Every Thursday, there is the festival Music on Main in Victor City Park that has rotating artists each week and delicious food trucks from local businesses. The performances are super cool and have definitely exposed me to new genres of music. The valley overall is chock-full of cute local businesses and unique events, all with an amazing panoramic view of the Tetons.

Over the Teton Pass, you’ll find yourself in Jackson Hole which is a great spot no matter what piques your interests. The interns all took a day-trip to experience the local scene, trying out the food and shopping in the area. I ordered an absolutely scrumptious omelet from Persephone Bakery alongside a green tea that boasted notes of mint and citrus. We returned to the area for a hike of Cascade Canyon, something that had been on my bucket list for quite some time. It was absolutely breathtaking at every turn; it’s definitely worth doing no matter how advanced a hiker you are.

The adventure north of Ashton, however, deserves the same praise. The interns first went to Harriman State Park to work on riparian fencing, and we have since returned for small hikes and horseback riding. With incredible views of the river, plains, and mountains, the park (in my opinion) is one of the more underrated spots in the region. Further north is Island Park, home of fantastic local businesses such as Trouthunter - Last Chance Bar & Grill which promotes a welcoming ambience to everyone regardless if you’re a local or just visiting. One of the best things I’ve done since coming out west, however, was the Mount Jefferson hike that my mentor Christina Morrisett took intern Chloé Romero and me on. We went along the ridge all the way to the summit which ended up being roughly a 2,000 feet increase in elevation for a total of 10,216 feet above sea level. This was the first ridge hike that I’ve ever done but the unparalleled views and feeling of accomplishment with reaching the summit made me excited to try more things outside my comfort zone.

Music on Main in Victor City Park

Harriman State Park

View from the Mt. Jefferson summit!

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