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Getting to Know the Area

My name is Tanner Harron, and I am a recent graduate of Washington and Lee University. In college, I majored in Environmental Studies Conservation Biology Track and Romance Languages with a Spanish Emphasis. I am thrilled to be working for the Henry’s Fork Foundation this summer as the Recreational River Use Intern, and I’m excited to be heading out into the real world and to see what that brings this coming year. My primary responsibilities thus far have been focused around conducting floater surveys to get a better understanding of how much traffic different portions of the Henry’s Fork are receiving by recreators. As we all know, summer is a very popular time for people to enjoy a relaxing day on the water. With more and more people in the US becoming interested in outdoor recreation, the work that I have been helping with will hopefully allow HFF to have some real data regarding how different segments of the river are experiencing this overarching trend.

Sunset at the last chance boat ramp

Moose crossing the Henry's Fork during a survey at Last Chance boat ramp

Outside of the office, I have really enjoyed the many fishing opportunities that this area has to offer. The wide array of large salmonids that can be caught on a fly rod in Idaho is not something that I’m used to in North Carolina, where most fly fishermen tend to target stocked trout and wild brookies in the mountains or many of the different saltwater fish that can be found down at the coast. It seems to me that out here there are so many different trout species that are all more than happy to eat a fly. I consider myself extremely lucky to experience the world-famous fishery on the Henry’s Fork as well as have the opportunity to expand my horizons and target new fish species that I’ve only seen in pictures. On top of the incredible fishing in this area, I have been lucky enough to get out on a few hikes since being here. While the elevation has certainly been making me feel more out of shape than I realized, pushing through to the end has allowed me to see some stunning places. I am constantly in awe of the Tetons looming over

the valley, and I can feel the spirit of adventure inside of me every time the weekend approaches. Overall, I’m very grateful to be working in such a magical location this summer, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of my weeks here turn out.

21-22in Rainbow Trout caught on the ranch (measured)

Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout (Oncorhynchus clarkii bouvieri)

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