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Henry's Fork Water Supply: Lowest water supply since 2001 and possibly 1934

Each spring, Dr. Rob Van Kirk analyzes water supply data for the water year so far (Oct 1 - April 1) to assess the water situation and make predictions, using statistical modeling, for spring and summer river conditions.

The document attached below summarizes the winter baseflow and snowpack accumulation period of water year 2022 and predicted water-supply, water-management, and fishing conditions for the upcoming spring and summer. Predicted water supply is based on April-1 data, but simulations were last run on April 25, reflecting possible system-wide management actions first discussed at the Henry’s Fork Watershed Council meeting on April 12 and updated at the Henry’s Fork Drought Management Planning Committee meeting on April 19.

Winter review and spring predictions 2022
Download PDF • 11.35MB

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