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Mick & Mike Talk Henry's Fork in the 1980s (VIDEO)

As part of HFF's 40th Anniversary edition of the Summer Seminar Series, Dr. Rob Van Kirk sat down with founders Mick Mickelson and Mike Lawson in mid-June to ask about the 1980s and what prompted the formation of the Henry's Fork Foundation in 1984.

Mike recalls floating senior Senator Jim McClure and his wife down the river to show them the beautiful resource that would be hurt if the multiple proposed hydro developments dewatered Mesa Falls. Mick also added that a $750k Forest Service appropriation to build the LogJam parking lot and restroom may have occurred shortly after Mrs. McClure needed to use the facilities during the visit, but none existed! Then there was the time Mike Lawson, a man from a town of 600 people, had to testify in front of Congress! As he'll tell you, he felt like a fish out of water to say the least.

Plus, hydropower including Fall River Rural Electric and PacfiCorp, and Aquatic Resource Coordinator Matt Hively join the conversation to talk about how the sometimes challenging relationship between fish and hydro has developed and improved over the years.

This, and many other great stories from the early days, made this a wonderful event on a sunny day in Harriman. If you missed it, you can watch the video by clicking the button below.


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