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My 2-Year Plan

My summer at HFF is coming to a close! Luckily for me, I will be staying two weeks longer than the other interns, so I don’t have to say goodbye as soon. As I reflect on my time here at HFF, I can’t help but think of my future.

There are so many goals and uncertainties I have coming up in my near future. Almost immediately after my internship ends, I will get married to the love of my life! Only a week later, I will begin taking classes again for fall semester at BYU-I. I will finally start taking some classes that pertain to my major a little more like Chemistry, Statistics/coding,and Intro to Biology pt 2 (focuses more on Ecology!). I will have 2 more years of school along with 2 more summers to work internships before I graduate and launch myself into the workforce! I am excited for these opportunities I have coming ahead, and mostly because of this internship.

First of all, before this internship, I had no experience at all. I hadn’t even taken any classes that directly pertain to any of the stuff I’ve done here, except maybe Geology. When I chose this major, all I knew is that I liked science and I wanted to work outside! But now that I have spent the whole summer at HFF, I have found that it is really something I enjoy! There hasn’t been a night where I have dreaded the next day because I have to go to work, but rather I have been excited! I now feel a whole lot more confidence in this choice of major thanks to my time at HFF!

Second of all, I am excited to take all of the things I have learned here at HFF about hydrology, water quality, and water management into my next classes and internships. I have been exposed to a lot of different concepts this summer, so now I am just even more excited to go deeper and add on to my beginning experiences!

Last of all, I have learned what it is like to be part of such a successful organization. I have learned to be a team player, to seek understanding, to think big, be purpose-driven, and to strive for excellence. I have learned how impactful science can be when it is put in the hands of those who are dedicated and passionate about improving the world. That is all I see here when I admire the staff at HFF. All are committed to HFF’s mission, which is to conserve, protect, and restore the unique fisheries, wildlife, and esthetic qualities of the Henry’s Fork and its watershed. As I continue through my career, whether it be in fisheries or not, I will always remember the exemplary HFF staff. Their constant kindness, stellar leadership, and thorough problem solving will be attributes that I strive for for the rest of my life!

I give thanks to HFF and all that it has brought me this summer! I am sad to say goodbye, but luckily for me, HFF will never be too far from home.


Picture 1- My Fiance and I

Picture 2- Measuring stream flow

Picture 3- Collecting water samples

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