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South Fork Initiative Expands Education and Outreach

As HFF’s South Fork Initiative continues to grow, SFI staff have had the opportunity to expand education and outreach efforts. HFF recently hired Dave Weskamp as the new SFI Program Manager, with Bryce Oldemeyer transitioning into a new role as Conservation Program Manager, assisting with HFF’s programmatic work across both watersheds. In recent weeks, Dave has been able to increase the SFI’s local education and outreach opportunities. These include volunteer days building fence and cutting willows to be planted as part of restoration efforts on Rainey Creek.

The SFI has also had the opportunity to collaborate with the Madison High School Future Farmers of America (FFA). The FFA is working with the Madison High School horticulture class to propagate native plants for Rainey Creek restoration. The class is propagating approximately 100 cottonwoods, 50 Redosier Dogwoods, and 50 Coyote Willow cuttings that will be planted in the fall of 2021 at restored reaches on Rainey Creek.

The SFI is also hosting a Swan Valley outreach event on June 12th to share information with the community about ongoing projects and programs to conserve the South Fork. HFF and Idaho Department of Fish and Game staff will lead stations on various topics, from aquatic insect monitoring to Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout conservation projects. We hope to continue these efforts to connect and share information with the local South Fork community throughout the summer and fall. Email or follow the HFF South Fork Initiative on social media to learn more.

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