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IDAHO GIVES ~ MAY 2 - 5, 2022

Science is at the heart of everything we do at the Henry’s Fork Foundation. If we want to better understand the river and its fisheries, and determine the best way to keep them healthy, it all starts with data. Through research and monitoring, we collect millions of data points on the health of the river each year, and that data sheds light on the path to conserving it. How do we collect that data? With the latest in scientific equipment.


In-river water-quality monitoring instruments—called sondes--record water temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and other parameters every 15 minutes. HFF currently has 14 of these sondes installed in the Henry’s Fork and its tributaries from Big Springs all the way down to Parker, and three on the South Fork. Remote data transmission equipment, consisting of solar panels, a battery, datalogger, and modem then send the data via cell signal to our office, where custom computer code processes and displays the data on our website in real-time.

HFF also measures flow in streams and irrigation canals, using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP), pressure transducers and flow meters. Measurement methods are suited to different channel sizes and conditions. The ADCP unit allows HFF to take weekly streamflow measurements below Island Park Dam to confirm dam outflow in between USGS gage adjustments needed to account for the effect of aquatic plants on gage readings. Having more precise data on Island Park Dam outflow helps managers be more precise in water management, thereby saving water. You may have heard HFF refer to this as “precision management.” Like the water quality data, stream and canal flow data from key locations are transmitted in real time to water managers, further facilitating precision management. In the last four years, precision management has saved 20,000 ac-ft of water in Island Park Reservoir. That's worth 84 cfs of additional winter flow and a 100-cfs reduction in summertime flow out of the dam, an astounding amount of water that increases trout survival and improves water quality in a very meaningful way. 

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The Henry's Fork Foundation's generous board members have offered to match up to $25,000 of donations made during the Idaho Gives season!

PLUS, as a way of saying thank you, your donation of $50 or more will get your great
gear to make your time on the river even better!

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Idaho Gives Donation Information


Family or Business

Receive a SIMMS HFF Hat


River Steward

Receive a Loon Streamside Product Pack, Jetboil Zip, and  a Simms Flyweight Backpack


River Keeper

Receive a Loon Streamside Product Pack


Green Drake Society 

Receive a Winston Air2 fly rod OR a Bauer RX Reel PLUS Green Drake Membership for one year



Receive a Jetboil Zip


Henry's Fork

Receive a Simms Flyweight Backpack


Life Membership

Receive a Winston Air2 fly rod, Bauer RX Reel, and Green Drake Membership for one year. Plus, receive a Life Member Hat and Pin and never pay dues again!

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