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IDAHO GIVES ~ APRIL 29 - MAY 2, 2024

The DIRTT Plan: Developing Infrastructure to Reduce Temperature and Turbidity

For the Future of the Henry's Fork Fisheries


Breathtaking scenery and iconic hatches are among the reasons we return to the Henry's Fork year-after-year. Decades of research are now all telling us the same thing -- Island Park Reservoir is the center of the universe, the lynchpin of our water quality and this fishery's health.


That's why HFF is launching the major-scale DIRTT Plan. We're developing plans to improve water temperature and turbidity, build resilience for the river, and protect not only fish, wildlife, and habitat, but the jobs and economy that depend on them.  This could include engineering, infrastructure, and restoration of tributaries. Science-backed solutions to reduce sediment export from the reservoir and increase cold, oxygenated refuge for our critical fish and insect communities.


Anglers come from all over the nation to experience the magic of the Henry's Fork. We may be fortunate here on the Henry's Fork compared to most, but that doesn't mean we can't be on the leading edge of understanding, and addressing, these issues.

For instructions on how to make a donation via Venmo, click here.


The Henry's Fork Foundation's generous board members have offered to match up to $15,000 of donations made during the Idaho Gives season!

PLUS, as a way of saying thank you, your donation of $50 or more will get your great
gear to make your time on the river even better!

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Idaho Gives Donation Information


Family or Business

Receive a custom Simms HFF neck gaiter


River Steward

Receive  a Sea Run Case - Riffle


River Keeper

Receive a pair of Loon Trout Pliers


Green Drake Society 

Receive a numbered 1-40, inscribed 40th Anniversary Scott Centric rod (4wt - 6wt) OR Hardy Princess reel and a one year membership in the Green Drake Society




Life Membership

Receive a Loon Fly Tying Kit


Henry's Fork

Receive a pair of Bajio Sunglasses

Receive a numbered 1-40, inscribed 40th Anniversary Scott Centric rod (4wt - 6wt) AND an inscribed 40th Anniversary Hardy Perfect wide spool reel, and Green Drake Membership for one year. Plus, receive a Life Member Hat and Pin and never pay dues again!

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