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IDAHO GIVES ~ MAY 1 - 4, 2023

If necessity is the mother of invention, drought conditions have sparked some real innovation on the Henry’s Fork. The most significant of these is the Precision Water Management Program. This program has a long list of accomplishments since its inception five years ago. A few of those include:  increased winter flow from Island Park Dam by an average of 112 cfs; reduced summertime outflow by 126 cfs; increased number of fish in the Box Canyon by an average of 980 fish per year (15% increase in the population); and saved 25,000 acre-feet of water in Island Park Reservoir per year.

In Water Year 2022, that means that Island Park Reservoir ended the water year at average, despite it being the driest water year in the upper Henry’s Fork sub-watershed since 1937.  That is an astounding amount of water saved, which translates to measurable, meaningful water conservation and improved trout survival.

With no authority to determine how much water comes out of Island Park Reservoir, HFF works with partners like canal companies and irrigation districts to install hardware such as remote-controlled headgates that enables them to more precisely manage their irrigation systems. The Henry’s Fork Foundation also provides data to these managers to facilitate optimal use of that hardware to save water. HFF’s work includes maintaining stream gages, measuring flow, developing rating curves, making data available on our public data website, and providing water managers with daily water reports that include short- and long-term predictions of water supply.

During these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to find ways to continue making an impact on water conservation. What we’ve achieved with your support is no small feat, and something that could make a significant difference as we face the water challenges ahead. Plus, all donations to the Precision Management Program will be matched by a large US Bureau of Reclamation grant that ends this year.

For instructions on how to make a donation via Venmo, click here.


The Henry's Fork Foundation's generous board members have offered to match up to $22,000 of donations made during the Idaho Gives season!

PLUS, as a way of saying thank you, your donation of $50 or more will get your great
gear to make your time on the river even better!

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Idaho Gives Donation Information


Family or Business

Receive a Tacky® Flydrophobic Fly Box


River Steward

Receive two 112 Slim Select Buck Knives, Loon Apex HD Plier, and Fishpond Jagged Basin Duffel Bag


River Keeper

Receive a 112 Slim Select Buck Knife




Green Drake Society 

Receive a Sage R8 CORE fly rod (3-9wt) OR a Sage Spectrum LT reel PLUS Green Drake Membership for one year

Receive a Loon Apex HD Pliers


Henry's Fork

Receive a Fishpond Jagged Basin Duffel Bag


Life Membership

Receive a Sage R8 CORE fly rod (3-9wt), Sage Spectrum LT reel, and Green Drake Membership for one year. Plus, receive a Life Member Hat and Pin and never pay dues again!

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