The South Fork of the Snake River from Palisades Dam to the Henry’s Fork confluence is roughly 60 miles long, supports populations of Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Mountain Whitefish, and flows through cottonwood stands, canyons, and a braided floodplain.


When a group of South Fork outfitters and concerned citizens approached HFF to expand the science-based collaborative approach to the South Fork, HFF launched the South Fork Initiative (SFI) program. The South Fork Initiative provides HFF the opportunity to influence broad-scale water management for the benefit of the Henry’s Fork and the South Fork, as the two watersheds are highly interconnected. Plus, maintaining a healthy South Fork fishery will help disperse fishing pressure and ensure great fishing opportunities for both rivers. 


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Macroinvertebrate and Water

Quality Monitoring


Annual macroinvertebrate (aquatic insect) monitoring is conducted on the lower, canyon, and upper South Fork to better understand habitat quality, hatches, and river health. Similarly, the SFI uses in-river water quality monitoring equipment to collect real-time data on water temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and more. That data is available to view live on HFF's water quality website.

Restoration and Access


The South Fork Initiative collaborates with local, state and federal partners on restoration projects targeted at restoring ecosystem functions and enhancing habitat for native fish and wildlife. The SFI also assists these partners in efforts to restore, construct, and maintain access sites in the South Fork Watershed.

Outreach and Education


Education, outreach, and community involvement is central to developing stewardship and support for the South Fork. The SFI works with local schools, community groups, residents, and visitors to educate individuals about the amazing South Fork fishery, watershed, and ecosystem.


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