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"Water is our most precious and interconnected natural resource. It sustains all ecosystems, communities, and economies from local watersheds to the seas. It's vital to sustaining our health, safety, and the environments we live and work in. Simply put, water is life"

- Alexandra Cousteau

Angler Access Map and Catalogs 


The Henry’s Fork offers a vast array of public access sites for anglers looking to experience one of the world's great trout streams. The Angler Access Map below shows the layout of the river and the location of these access sites, while the Angler Access Sites documents provide a more in-depth look at each site’s location and amenities.

Angler Access Map

Angler Access Sites Catalog -- Above Mesa Falls

Angler Access Sites Catalog -- Below Mesa Falls

Angler Access Sites Catalog -- Fall River

South Fork Angler Access Interactive Map




Story Map 


The Henry's Fork story map is brought to you by Fremont County and the Henry's Fork Foundation and designed by Christina Morrisett. The South Fork Initiative story map was created by Sydney Schmitter, HFF's 2021 Education and Interpretive Center Intern from Stanford University and the Reading the Water story map was created by Jasper Davis. These maps offer a unique way to explore the Henry's Fork and Snake Fork Watersheds with detailed information about river access points, conservation projects, trout species, regulations, and more.

Henry's Fork Story Map

South Fork Initiative Story Map

Reading the Water Story Map

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