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Since 1984, the Henry’s Fork Foundation and its members have strived to be the Voice of the River, giving a voice to this incredible resource we hope to protect. Through improvement and protection of access sites, long-term protection against potentially harmful activities, and riparian fence monitoring and maintenance, HFF continues to stay alert and advocate for the rivers health.

Improvement and Maintenance of

Existing Access Sites

HFF is committed to protecting public access to the Henry’s Fork and its tributaries. HFF works with partners to maintain and improve facilities such as boat ramps, access roads, parking areas, and toilets at existing sites.

Securing Permanent Public Access

Building on successful campaigns that secured permanent access at several popular sites on the lower river, HFF will continue to ensure that anglers and river users are able to enjoy the Henry’s Fork for generations to come.

Long-Term Protection

In our role as Voice of the River, HFF monitors water rights applications, stream alteration permit applications, and a variety of other legal or administrative processes to determine when action is required and to ensure the river’s best interest is always represented and protected. HFF also monitors water quality in real-time at sites across the watershed, which provides a baseline against which to monitor and assess the impacts of construction and activity in or near the river.

Riparian Fencing

HFF’s riparian fencing program was established as a flagship project in 1984 to protect the banks of the river from degradation. In the last 35 years, HFF has continued to protect the famed Ranch reach by repairing and rebuilding miles of fence and dedicating an intern to monitor and maintain fence line.

River Clean Up

Twice a year, the Henry's Fork Foundation and volunteers conduct a river clean up to remove trash and debris at access sites and in the river. HFF also responds as needed, with "canned corn clean ups" near Big Springs. Keeping the Henry's Fork clear of trash and debris can improve the fishing experience, and benefit water quality and the overall health of the river.

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