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HFF Launches 'The DIRTT Plan'

DIRTT, or Developing Infrastructure to Reduce Temperature and Turbidity, is the newest initiative launched by the Henry's Fork Foundation to improve conditions both in Island Park Reservoir, and the river downstream, including the famed Railroad Ranch.

HFF is currently raising funds for this multi-year effort, including by applying for approximately $1 million from the US Bureau of Reclamation's WaterSMART grant program. The DIRTT plan aims to 1) improve water temperature and turbidity (water quality), 2) build resilience for the river to drought, changing climate, aging infrastructure, and development/growth, and 3) protect fish, wildlife, and habitat, as well as the jobs and local economy that depends on them.

The plan will develop designs that address aging facilities with large-scale engineering and infrastructure in the reservoir. These man-made solutions could be impactful, but HFF is also pursing nature-based solutions, including restoration of tributaries, wetlands, and aquifers.

Once implemented, benefits would include reduced turbidity and sediment export into the Henry's Fork downstream and increased cold, oxygenated refuge for trout. As with any critical project in the Henry's Fork Watershed, partnerships will help to make it happen. HFF would be working closely with Idaho Department of Fish and Game and many other partners to make the DIRTT Plan a success.

Click here to read more about the DIRTT Plan.


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