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Will there be a managed spring freshet this year? I'm trying to plan my fishing trip.

While managed, or planned, spring freshets benefit insect communities and longer-term fishing conditions on the Ranch reach of the Henry's Fork (by clearing out sediment), they aren't possible every year. This might come as a relief for springtime anglers as those high flows don't always make for ideal fishing conditions in the moment.

So, this year there won't be a managed spring freshet. However, naturally high flows could occur if warm weather causes a big snowmelt event, or it rains a lot, on top of an ice covered or 100% full reservoir this spring. In that instance, natural inflow would be passed through the dam and outflow could reach as high as 1,750 cfs in mid-May (similar to what occurred in 2023). Recall that last year’s managed freshet was around 2,000 cfs for a few days at the end of April.

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