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4th Annual HFF Summer Seminar Series

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

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4:00 to 5:00 p.m. on Tuesdays from June 15 – August 10

Presentations will be held virtually via Zoom

HFF's 4th Annual Weekly Summer Seminar Series has begun! Please join us virtually for weekly presentations showcasing the latest scientific, technological, and socioeconomic work being done by guest speakers from across the country as well as HFF interns and collaborators. Contact Kam Allison at (208) 652-3567 or for more information.

The Zoom link and Meeting ID for each of these Seminars will be:

Meeting ID: 818 0619 4045

Weekly Topics and Speakers

June 15

  • Ignite Presentation: Bryce Oldemeyer, Conservation Program Manager

  • Dr. Rene Valdez - Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources; Human Dimensions Specialist

  • Topic: Predicting Development Preferences for Fishing Sites Among Diverse Anglers

June 22

  • Ignite Presentation: Kam Allison, Conservation and Education Coordinator

  • Dr. Mark Christie – Purdue University Associate Professor of Forestry and Natural Resources

  • Topic: Rapid Genetic Adaptation in a Changing World

June 29

  • Ignite Presentation: Jack McLaren, Doctoral Research Associate

  • Dr. Annie Gilbert Coleman – University of Notre Dame Associate Professor of American Studies

  • Topic: The History and Politics of Fly-Fishing Guides in Montana

July 6

  • Ignite Presentation: Matt Hively, Aquatic Resources Coordinator

  • Benjamin Burnett, PhD Candidate, University of New Mexico

  • Topic: Freshwater Resources of the Rhyolite Plateau in Yellowstone

July 13

  • Ignite Presentation: Rob Van Kirk, Senior Scientist

  • Dr. Murugesu Sivapalan - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professor of Geography and Geographic Information Science

  • Topic: Socio-Hydrology

July 20

  • Ignite Presentation: Christina Morrisett, Doctoral Research Associate

  • Dr. Sarah Null, Utah State University Associate Professor of Watershed Sciences

  • Topic: Using Drones for River Science

August 3 – Intern Presentations

  • Sydney Schmitter - Stanford University. Topic: Interpretive Center Additions

  • Ethan Taylor - Brigham Young University of Idaho. Topic: South Fork Restoration

  • Andrea Holt - Oregon State University. Topic: Conversion of Cropland from Flood to Sprinkler Irrigation

August 10 – Intern Presentations

  • Melanie Crawford - Colgate University. Topic: Floater use on the Henry’s Fork

  • Erik Sauer - St. Lawrence University, University of Minnesota. Topic: Streamflow and Aquifer Exchange on the Lower Henry’s Fork

  • AJ Mabaka - Washington & Lee University. Topic: Factors Influencing Kokanee Salmon Recruitment in the Island Park Reservoir

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