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Plenty to Celebrate on the Henry's Fork and Here's Why

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

We know last year was a tough fishing year for many, and yes, we’re still seeing the effects of drought. But, we’ve been reminded recently of all the reasons we have to be hopeful.

This year’s snowpack is shaping up to be better than last year.

Henry’s Fork Watershed snow-water equivalent (SWE) is sitting right around 8% above average (108% of average) and forecasts call for more above-average snowfall. Snowpack in April across the watershed is what matters for how much water will be in the river for fish in the summer. But, as a bonus, the Island Park area is out performing the rest of the watershed with 12% above average snowpack (112% of average). Though Island Park residents might not be appreciating all the extra shoveling!

Our work is making a measurable difference and that’s something to be proud of.

Nothing we achieve is possible without partners and support from our members, and our work is not done. But, it is good to stop and reflect on all that has been/is being achieved for the Henry’s Fork.

Our work has reduced the negative effects of drought by:

  • Increasing winter flows

  • Improving trout populations

  • Increasing habitat in the reservoir

  • Lowering irrigation season outflows from Island Park Dam

  • Decreasing turbidity (from sediment and organic matte) and water temperatures in summer

  • Improving fishing conditions

Read more about the numbers and the work that made this possible. If you have questions about this information or the data in the link, don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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